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    What OUR GUESTS Say

    Betty's make a wish for 2023 was to return to Chesterfield F.C to watch her beloved team once again. Our fairy-godparents set on a mission to make sure this was an evening to remember, and we are sure they succeeded in that!

    We would like to thank Marcus and Leverton UK who kindly invited us to watch the game in their corporate box, with a meal and a very special suprise from 'Chester the Fieldmouse' as well as her own scarf and hat too 🥰. We had an amazing night, and Betty could not stop smiling! "It brought back so many memories being back at the Technique Stadium and I felt like a celebrity in the corporate box! I cannot thank everyone enough for making my wish come true, and going above and beyond too. I will never forget this amazing night" said Betty.


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