Leverton UK - Testimonials

The Britannia Building Society head office multi million pound refurbishment project was the first time that I had personally worked with Leverton UK. Property Tectonics acted as designers and contract administrators for this project and Leverton were invited to bid based on their previous excellent track record of projects. From the outset Leverton were very flexible and able to assist in any way they could. This continued throughout the 18 month period that this project was on site, which in itself was a massive achievement as characters and egos often start to crack and show on any refurbishment project, let alone something on site for this duration. Leverton never cracked once even with all the demands and pressures that such a complex project imposed upon them.

It was clear throughout that no matter what position each person held in the company, the customer and the project always came first. From top down, Leverton would always roll up their sleeves and do what it look to ensure that the project was completed to the deadline and that the spaces could be occupied by the customer on time. Leverton appear to have achieved the perfect balance of minding and grinding!

Property Tectonics as designers and contract administrators will continue to consider Leverton UK for bidding for all suitable projects in the future. They have certainly performed to and in fact beyond our expectations on refurbishment contracts to date. Well done Leverton UK!

Ian Filkins
Associate Director, Property Tectonics