Leverton UK - Testimonials

Leverton UK Ltd was the successful Main Contractor for the refurbishment project of Britannia House, the Head Office of Britannia Building Society in Leek Staffordshire.

They worked closely with the project team prior to site establishment ensuring that they delivered accurate schedules of work that allowed for the 13 phases to coincide with the numbers of staff that were too decant to the completed areas. They also worked closely with our Health and Safety advisor to ensure that the project was run with safety as a fundamental priority.

From the start of the refurbishment project on Britannia House Marcus Leverton has been directly involved, indeed he undertook the initial survey and estimate that secured the contract in competitive tender. Once secure he ensured that throughout every phase that establishment was out of hours to restrict the risk of public harm and independently organised an independent Health and Safety assessor to ‘surprise visit’ the site to offer advice and feedback to improve there work ethics, and continually updated the project team on progress and actions.

Britannia House has a staff of approximately 600 the majority of which enter via secure access revolving doors at the rear of the building. Managing the logistics of site access and egress of staff is a daily task when security is of such high importance, Leverton UK implemented a contractor access system in conjunction with our security department that ensured only the relevant personnel had security clearance for the areas in which were required to reduce the risk of a security breach. They also inducted the staff on a daily basis to ensure they were familiar with the routes of access and egress and fire evacuation policies.

The fire evacuation policies were also a self contained process developed by Leverton UK and involved a stand alone Fire assembly point adjacent to the site cabin compound, where Marcus or the Site Manager Jason Thompson would take the register then notify the fire coordinator of Britannia House that the contractors were clear. This was very effective.

Leverton UK’s work ethics, amiable nature and passion for the project are a credit to them, at any time when we requested variations to the initial proposals they would instinctively accommodate them if possible, and ensure that this was undertaken without affect to the programme. There willingness to adopt a value engineering process to each and every phase ensured we were within budget even after radical changes to the original scope of works.

Leverton UK compiled and submit the monthly valuation, interim applications, complete with invoicing and delivered them by hand to our accounts department. On occasions we have called upon there monitored spreadsheets for clarification of sub-contract elements such as furniture breakdowns on a phased basis. This clarification made it possible to ensure we were within budget and predict final outcome expenditure required for the monthly steering group committee meetings.
Leverton UK took a very serious approach to meeting our high environmental requirements. All of the desks, chairs and dividing screens have been re-used, some given to schools some sold on to other organisations. The majority of the carpet tiles were donated to a local church and any metal removed from site was taken to the local scrap yard for recycling. Marcus was quite specific that this ethic passed through the site and on to the sub-contractors who also have strict recycling policies such as the furniture suppliers who minimise packaging by using blankets and recycle all card etc. Leverton UK even had different bins in the site cabins to ensure paper; drinks cans and waste were disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way.

Throughout the 18 months of our refurbishment project the Leverton UK team have become part of the family and this is a credit to their organisation as a whole.

This flagship project ran for 18 months and their commitment to the organisation and the project has been relentless, their hands on approach and personable skills with all involved has contributed greatly to the success of our multi million pound project.